About Us

Dust Be Gone was established early 2012 after hearing many friends and family talking about how difficult it was to have time to clean house with their busy lives.

Having found a love for cleaning young in life and being a little OCD about having a clean house. The founder of Dust Be Gone decided it was high time to try her hand at providing house cleaning services like her mother before her.

Dust Be Gone prides itself on detailed and thorough cleaning. With clients busy with work and family, we understand the need to come home to a clean house.

Krystle Prochaska

Krystle Prochaska made her home in the Victoria Area early of the 2011 year. She enjoyed the slow pace of the city of Victoria and it's surrounding area.

Having enjoyed cleaning from a young age, she thought what better way of using the skills she received from her mother and help those in need to come home to a clean, fresh smelling home.